New residential area in Nacka, Stockholm.

Together with the architect Henrik Tilja at The HEADS and developer Småa we present a new residential area in one of Stockholm’s fastest growing locations.

Henrik Tilja provided a 3D model with houses and the ground. After imported into blender the model was retypologiesed, trees was added, lighting set up and finally after rendering in Blender colour editing using lightroom.


  • Achieve balance between practicality and style
  • Cooperating smoothly and affectivly for fast and great result

Get the full potential of 3D,

Not just an image

Computer generated images based on 3D scenes are greate but interactive 3D models opens a world of possibilities. Like here to the right, you can experience every angel of the product. But also your phone can show it in the real world with AR, giving you even more possibilities to discover.